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In order for Change to occur Consistency needs to be present…simple right?


There are so many inspirational quotes at present referring to personal growth, desiring a change and habit forming. The majority states that the key to perform this “change” is through consistency. On the face of it that is simple right? Just keep doing what you need to do and the change your’re seeking will materialise. No one actually states how difficult it is to be consistent when it is against your natural being.

So for example how easy is it to be consistent to go to the gym to bring the change of desired body. How many excuses do you tell yourself or lack that motivation? Have a few good weeks then just stop? Want the desired body but actually do not like exercising.

How easy is it to be consistent to enforce that consequence with your child when they appear to have “learned their lesson” or appears to be remorseful?

How easy is to stick to that routine when in fact all you want to do is relax?


How easy is it to be consistent when you are a laid back person? Being consistent takes up a lot of energy that is not spoken within all inspirational quotes. I have not deciphered at this present moment in time whether this is positive energy or negative energy however in my opinion it is exhausting nonetheless.

Kenneth Blanchard appears to provide some depth to the concept of consistency implying that the true route to change is commitment to the desire. In my opinion in order to be committed the concept of energy and time proposed to give to desires change still needs to be analysed.

Therefore if you want to make that change the first question that should be asked is how much do I actually want this? Is this an actual goal or is this what society tells me I should do? How much energy am I able to put into this change? Maybe designated time should be given to changing one behaviour at a time rather than trying to change the world (inner self) all at once. Even God (if Christian and believe) rested on day 7.