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The Rat Race

The world we live in is consumed with how much we can do in a space of 24 hours.

Spending time with family and loved ones, Fitting in time for recreational activities to feel as though working to live and not living to work. Working hard to get to “the top” (what ever that means).

What are we chasing? Money? Status? When we get to the “top” will we be satisfied? In the words of the infamous rapper Notorious B.I.G “more money more problems”

So what are we chasing…happiness? Inner fulfilment? What do these look like?

I believe that happiness is a state of mind. How many of say “if only…” “if only we had a car” “if only I can go on holiday once a year” “if only I made this decision rather than that decision”. The “if only” leads us to a place of self-doubt which robs us of seeing a situation for what it really is. A moment in time. A situation which can be appreciated as an experience whether good or bad.

Always feeling like something needs changing, I believe can be detrimental to our mental health so the question is how do we get out of this rat race.

The art of communication

What does it it mean to express oneself? What does it mean to find ones voice? What does it mean to be understood or actually heard? Ever walked away from a conversation and thought afterwards thats not what I wanted to say? 

There are so many different reasons as to why communicating what we really want to others can be so difficult; confidence, fear, trust to name a few. But I urge you to think what will happen if we actually gain the courage to stop and think what will happen if we do say what we actually mean, would we finally gain contentment within ourselves? 

If we do not say what we mean are we cutting ourselves short of what we deserve? Often we are so absorbed with how others will perceive us we sometimes forget how we perceive ourselves. How do we communicate with ourselves? How often are we honest with ourselves? Sometimes we get caught up with what we tell others in order to survive in a politically correct world – whether it be in the work place or amongst peers – we sometimes forget to think and acknowledge our beliefs, desires and feelings.  

First step of being able to communicate with others would be to start communicating with ourselves. Taking time to reflect on a situation. Taking time to acknowledge own feelings. If we start within then it can be penetrated outwards.